Trick, So That The Lettuce Is Not Damaged (Oxide) That Only The Best Chef Knows


For people who cook often it is really difficult to keep a lettuce stored for a long time. Many times we buy only the amount that we will use at that moment so as not to have to go through the embarrassment of throwing away what we had left because it has been damaged.

If you are of this type of people, today we bring to you a feasible trick that will make your food stay fresh as if you had just bought it.

We know that the life of the lettuce is not longer than a few days and that it tends to become very soft, of a somewhat dark color and often its smell changes to an unpleasant one.

However, there is a practical method that many chefs use to keep both the lettuce and the rest of their food in good condition and we will provide it as soon as possible.

Trick To Keep Lettuce in Good Condition

-Cut the lettuce base with a plastic knife, it is necessary that it is so because with a metal one you run the risk of the food oxidizing and that is precisely what we try to avoid.

-Then, you will place the leaves of the lettuce in fresh water with vinegar to disinfect them.

-Let them soak there for a few minutes.

-Rinse well and dry as much as possible. You can leave them whole or cut them into small pieces so that when you use them you do not have to do a lot of work.

-Take 3 kitchen towels from absorbent paper and place all the sheets there and then cover them with another towel.

-Place this “package” in a bag, being careful and taking the air out of it to finally refrigerate.

This is the simplest and most practical way to protect your vegetables and that they do not get damaged in a few days, besides, they will not harm the rest of the food that is inside the fridge.

To celebrate that we have discovered all that we can save by caring for vegetables such as lettuce, we leave some divine recipes for you to enjoy as a family.

Recipes with Lettuce to Vary your Meals

Green Forest Salad:

This is a fairly simple recipe, you will need a lettuce, an avocado, an onion, olive oil and salt to taste. You just have to wash all the ingredients, cut the avocado and lettuce into small pieces and the onion into thin lines. Mix everything and then add a little olive oil and salt. Your salad will be ready and delicious to eat at lunch or dinner.

Salad of the Field with Radishes:

You should cook a potato for 30 minutes, then remove the skin and cut into small pieces like lettuce. Take 8 radishes and cut into thin slices, add 12 green olives, salt to taste and olive oil to complete the process and go.