How To Lower High Triglycerides Effectively and Naturally

Triglycerides are measured by the fat we have in our body and the food. And for this reason they are indispensable in our body, they help us to build a blood plasma, they are formed from the fats that we ingest, these fats are present mostly in carbohydrates. Remember that everything in excess harms us and this can lead us to have episodes of hypertriglyceridemia.

It is a disease that is related to coronary problems, it can develop diabetes and is linked to atherosclerosis , which means narrowing of the arteries, it can cause myocardial infarction, chest anguine. Today you will know several tips that will help you reduce triglycerides naturally and easily.

Tips for high triglycerides

Reduce fat

Our body accumulates fat and a part of it is released as triglycerides. It is important that you avoid consuming fats whenever possible, and especially saturated fat that means; any product of industrial processing. We recommend you not include canned food in your food and all the sweets that you know you should not eat. Avoid foods that contain more than 30% saturated fats completely, are prohibited.

Lose weight

Basically it is very important to reduce triglycerides. We recommend you include in your diet vegetables such as spinach, broccoli and in the case of fruits would be for example: oranges as they provide our body with a lot of fiber. Maintaining your ideal weight is important, as it is very common that when obesity problems exist, triglyceride levels always go hand in hand.

It is very important to make a correct diet, reduce the amount of food you eat normally and exercise at least 3 times a week. Start replacing the meat and fried by the vegetables and fruits; Include some walk for at least one hour. These changes will help your triglyceride levels go down by 40%.

Omega 3

The Omega is very important to include it, we recommend 2 or 3 grams per week, this special fat is essential for our body, it will help improve heart function and lower triglyceride levels.

You can find omega 3 in foods in large quantities such as: salmon, trout, sardine and also find it in food supplements and in case you choose this option we recommend that your doctor tell you the proper dose.

Limits the consumption of carbohydrates

You should eliminate the refined carbohydrates normally present in industrial sweets with large amounts of sugar and also white flour. These foods are what increase insulin levels and thus increase triglycerides. Also avoid soft drinks with gas, artificial sweeteners, industrial juices and jams. Always eat fresh fruit and replace your snacks with vegetables.

Do not drink alcohol
It is important to be aware and if you are dieting, you should avoid it. In case you like to drink wine with your meals, we remind you that there is a consumption limit that depends on sex and weight; in the case of men, it is usually two glasses and a cup for women.

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